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Terms and Conditions

Visitors, Users, and subscription members of website are bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. Introduction

Following are the terms and conditions which apply to your use of the website or site and its all services. All the terms and conditions apply between you, the user, visitor, subscription member, of our site and services. These are referred to in these terms and conditions as the Website, Site, Services, and Content. Feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding terms and conditions.


2. Regarding Employment Agencies, Employment Regulations, and Business Regulations

Job-seekers and job-providers need to be aware that operates as a venue only and does not introduce or supply job-seekers to job-providers (or vice versa). This means that we do not:
  • obtain sufficient information for potential job-providers to select a suitable job-seeker for the position which the job-providers seek to fill;
  • obtain confirmation of the identity of a job-seeker or that they have the experience, training, qualifications or authorisation to work in the position to be filled or that they wish to undertake the role to be filled;
  • take any steps to ensure the job-seeker and job-providers are each aware of any requirement imposed by law or otherwise which must be satisfied by either of them to permit the job-seeker to fulfil the position to be filled;
  • take any steps to ensure that it would not be detrimental to the interests of the job-seeker or the job-providers for the job-seeker to fulfil the position to be fulfilled;
  • give any indication to job-providers whether job-seekers are unsuitable (or suitable) for any position to be filled in any circumstances;
  • propose job-seekers to job-providers or provide any information about them.
  • take up any references in relation to a job-seeker; or
  • make any arrangements for accommodation of job-seekers.
The conduct of Employment Agencies, Employment Regulations, and Business Regulations seek to ensure that job-seekers are only proposed by employment agencies for roles for which they are properly qualified and that job-providers are only offered job-seekers who have the appropriate levels of experience, training, qualifications and authorisation for the position to be filled. Since we are only a venue and do not propose or introduce job-seekers to job-providers or vice versa, it is recommended that, if you are a job-seeker you undertake the steps set out in the Regulations to ensure your suitability for the role advertised or, if you are a job-provider, to ensure a job-seeker's suitability for the role.
These could include:
  • If you are a job-seeker; checking the identity of the job-provider and the nature of its business, the commencement date and duration of the position, the position to be filled including type of work, location, hours and risks to health and safety, experience, training, qualifications and authorisation which the job-provider considers necessary or are required by law or otherwise to undertake the position, whether any expenses are payable by you as a job-seeker or whether there are any requirements imposed by law or otherwise for you to satisfy before taking up a position.
  • If you are a job-provider; checking the identity of the job-seeker and that the job-seeker has the experience, training, qualifications and authorisation required by law or otherwise for the position and whether there are any requirements imposed by law or otherwise for you, as the job-provider, to meet to enable a job-seeker to take up a position.
  • In addition, where professional qualifications are required or where job-seekers are to work with vulnerable persons or children, you should obtain copies of the relevant qualifications or authorisation, obtain at least two references from people who are not relatives of the job-seeker and undertake a criminal records bureau check of the job-seeker.
  • Any searching or screening tools provided by us for use in your assessment of the suitability or otherwise of any particular candidate or advertised vacancy are to assist you in taking these steps, but are not intended as a substitute.
  • Job-providers need to ensure that candidates found through have the licences necessary for completing work, and that all checks are conducted where necessary.


3. Terms and Conditions in General

It should to be noted:
  • that we are not responsible for any failure or delay in performance of any of the services or any of our obligations under these terms and conditions due to a cause beyond our reasonable control.
  • that provision of the services shall not create any relationship of agent and principal between you and us and neither you nor we have any authority or power to bind or to contract in the name of the other party.
  • that unless the context requires otherwise, in these terms and conditions and our privacy policy, the term 'including' shall be interpreted to mean 'including but not limited to'.
  • that the different headings and numberings in these terms and conditions are for ease of reference only.
  • that failure by us or you to exercise any right or remedy under these terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.
  • that no provision of these terms and conditions is intended to be enforceable by any person or party other than you or us.
  • that you shall not transfer, assign or sub-contract your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party without our prior permission and consent in written.
  • that we may, without your consent, sub-contract any of our obligations under this agreement to any third party and upon notice to you (if you are a registered user or subscriber) or without notice to you (if you are a visitor), transfer or assign all or any of our rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party.
  • that if any provision of these terms and conditions is found by any court or legal authority to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions shall remain in force and, to the extent possible, the provision shall be modified to ensure it is valid, enforceable and legal, whilst maintaining or giving effect to its commercial intention.
  • that these terms and conditions, including any additional provisions incorporated by reference, constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to your access to and use of the site and services and supersede all prior agreements, negotiations and discussions between you and us relating to the subject matter.
  • that these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of India and the courts of India shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising from them.

4. Accessibility to Services as Different Types of Users and Accessibility Rights

We may process applications for registration and subscriptions within given working days of receipt, but we shall not be obliged and we do not guarantee access to the relevant site or service within any particular given time. Subscription period will start after receiving of payment or when we grant you access to the relevant Service. We shall have the right to refuse access to or use of our site or services to any person for any reason at our reasonable discretion.
  • Visitors: Some information on the site can be viewed by all visitors without a registration.
  • Users: Some service on the site requires proper registration.
  • Registration and setting of profiles: Some specific services can be used after registration and set up of profile can be done.
  • Subscriptions: Some services require additional subscriptions and you may have to make a payment, details of which will be available on relevant website or can be clarified via other communication medium.

Required Eligibility Rights

You must be 18 or over, and otherwise also capable of entering into a binding contract in your jurisdiction to register as a member of Jokerstaan Site or use the Jokerstaan Site and/or Jokerstaan Services. If you are under the age of 18 or the applicable legal age in your jurisdiction, you can use the Jokerstaan Services only in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, your parent or guardian who has agreed to the Terms of Service. If you do not qualify, do not use the Service. By using the Jokerstaan Site and/or Jokerstaan Services, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, competency and capacity to enter into these Terms of Service and to abide by all of the terms and conditions set forth herein.


5. All the Content Provided by You on Our Website

The accuracy and lawfulness of the content

By providing accurate, lawful, and complete content on our website you support and help us to maintain the aimed quality of the services provided to you and other users. You acknowledge and agree:
  • that you have obtained and will obtain all rights, licences and approvals required for the use (by you, us and our other users) of any content you have provided and will be providing in relation to the website and its all services.
  • that you have provided and will be providing accurate and complete content in your registration forms and profile(s) (and otherwise using our Site or Services) and will always keep your content updated as appropriate.


Right to Intellectual Property and Use of your Content by us

Whatever content you provide on our website you agree:
  • that we may use the content, where relevant, trademarks relating to your trade or business, for the purposes of smoothly operating and maintaining the Site and the Services.
  • that your content may be published and made available to other users of our site and services, and modified to make it suitable for our site.
  • that you grant and agree to grant us a perpetual and irrevocable licence to use your content for these purposes (including the right to sub-license to our service providers, and to other users.
  • that whilst we seek to ensure all users agree to these terms, we are not responsible for the use or misuse of your content by other users or third parties and you agree not to hold us liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of such use or misuse. We shall, however, at your expense, reasonably co-operate with you in enforcing our contractual terms against other users who have infringed your rights.


Additional or Further Information We May Require

Though we check and verify contents provided by you on your website but we do not always or routinely check or monitor all content provided by users, we may do so at our discretion. Upon request, you will provide us with evidence that you are complying with the above requirements, including evidence of your ownership of and/or rights to intellectual property subsisting in relation to content; evidence of your rights to use any personal data or information relating to third parties; and details of any relevant licensors, licences and approvals. You also agree to provide us with required details so that can credit the author/creator of any image, sound, video or other content.


6. Regarding Access of All Content and Services of by You

Rights to Intellectual Property and Use of Content by You

All the contents of and its services including information, resources, trademark, directories, text, videos, images, graphics, sounds, design and underlying software are property rights of us and our licensors. We allow you a non-exclusive and revocable licence to view and use such content for the purpose of enjoying the benefit of the services. You are requested to not duplicate, copy, modify, change, distribute or commercially exploit any content (other than content provided by you) in any form or in any media, except that you may retrieve and display content on your computer and print and/or store one copy of individual pages for your internal and personal use whenever necessary.


Regarding Your Reporting about any Unlawful Content

We request you to report us if your find that any content or communication appears unlawful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate. You can share if you have a negative experience with any other user or third party with respect to our site or services. We may, at our absolute discretion, investigate the matter and take such steps as we consider appropriate in the circumstances and we may try to settle them as soon as possible.


Your use of Jokerstaan website and its Services

It should be noted that services and content of Jokerstaan are provided for your information, support, and convenience and not at all intended to be relied upon by you in taking any action or refraining from taking any action anytime. Though we seek to ensure all users agree to these terms and conditions that we do not always or routinely check all content provided by users and third parties (eg information, profiles, vacancy, job postings, and advertisements) and we cannot guarantee about their accuracy or lawfulness. Particularly we suggest you:
  • that you should not rely on our services for storage or maintenance of your content or for important, sensitive or time-critical communications.
  • that you should not rely on any content or service being available, complete, accurate or always trustworthy.
  • that inclusion of information, advertisements or other content relating to other users or third party services or products does not constitute any recommendation or endorsement by us of the relevant user, services, products, members, or advertisers.
  • that you may wish to take your own steps to confirm information, back-up your content and ensure that communications reach their intended recipient securely, promptly, and accurately.
  • that we may share or transmit information about our site and services using third party services such as Facebook or Whatsap. We are not responsible or liable for the availability of the services of any third party.
  • that any agreement, communications, contracts or other arrangements between you and other users or third parties are your responsibility and liability. Through our services may facilitate such dealings but we are not responsible about such things.
  • our website may contain links to other websites provided by third parties. We do not control and are not responsible for the availability, accuracy or content of third party websites; and its services and facilities.
  • that we are not liable to any loss as a result of any communications, dealings or agreements with other users or third parties.
  • that we are not liable for your reliance on any content from or about other users or third parties, or about opportunities or services provided by them to you at anytime or in any way.
  • any communications, contracts or dealings (or lack thereof) with other users or third parties.


7. About Your Linking to or From

We grant you to include links to our site on your website or other materials and include links to your website within your profile(s) on our site provided it is fair and lawful and it does not damage our reputation. You shall not share or connect a link suggesting any form of association, recommendation or endorsement by us with you where none exists and are not applicable.


8. Conduct of Your Using and its Services

Unlawful Use of Content and Prohibition

You shall agree with the following:
  • that you will not do any unauthorised copying or use of content protected by intellectual property rights of others;
  • that you will not distribute to third parties any job, information, or resources obtained on a site.
  • that you will not do any other unauthorised reproduction or use of content for commercial purposes and benefits.
  • that you will not do any unauthorised distribution or disclosure of confidential, personal or sensitive information of anything, any user.
  • that will not make use of any content (other than content provided by you) in any manner which may compete with our business and services.


Providing Unlawful Content and Prohibition Regarding it

You agree that you shall not upload or share any offensive or unlawful content which may have:
  • content whose publication or use on the website or in relation to its services would be in breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights, data protection or confidentiality obligations or any other privacy rights.
  • content which is abusive, discriminatory, obscene, defamatory, derogatory, or indecent.
  • content relating unauthorised communication or marketing material.
  • inaccurate content about yourself or another party.
  • content containing personal religious or political views and thoughts.


9. Termination Policy

At any point of time you can end access to our site and services and you can request us for removal of your profile. If you are a registered user or subscriber of any particular service you should give us a notice in written for termination of your use of the site. We may also terminate also your use of site and service at any time and for any reason at our discretion though we may give you prior notice to do such thing. If you have made any payment you will be entitled to it as per our refund policy.


10. Commercial Use, Subscription Services, and Advertisers

For advertising on our site or commercial use or any subscription services you should talk to us on phone or via mail and sign an agreement or contract for the same with the required payment. For getting listed in resources category the word “lifetime” means till the terms and conditions are revised or changed by regarding payment to get listed in resources category.


11. Modification of and its Services and Terms and Conditions

At any time we may do modification, deletion, addition, or make temporary or permanent changes in and its terms and conditions and privacy policy. The and its services may be unavailable sometime for maintenance. We shall not be liable for any loss because of this. We will try at our discretion to properly notify all our visitors, users, and subscribers in advance of such activities.

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