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What is Script Writing Software?

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What is Script Writing Software?

स्क्रिप्ट राइटिंग सॉफ्टवेर क्या है ?

Script is a writing text of a film whether short film or a feature length film, stage play, or broadcast. Script can be written on papers in a notebook or in computer through script writing software. The softwares which are used to write script in computer are script writing softwares. How to actually create a script in computer through software?

What most important to focus on getting a good script software is to make sure the software is good to write the script which is up to industry standards specially if looking to get well-known production company involved, if looking for film producer, if looking to collaborate with established film makers and actors as they expect the script to be in very specific formats that they can follow along with the story as well as after reading the script it should give the clear picture of preproduction, production and postproduction. It has to be very professional one and it has to be formatted in a very specific way.

So here are a few softwares that can be used to write industry standard script or screenplay. These are all free by the way. Some of these can be bought to get more features but these are all free available softwares to write a proper formatted script.

1.   Final Draft 10:-   This is a software that needs to be downloaded to computer. It can be downloaded to Window and Mac. It is free but pro-version can be obtained to get more features after paying some money. What great about this software is that it is the most advanced script writing software available on internet. Professionals use this software. All sorts of writes in the professional industry write using Final Draft 10. What really good about Final Draft 10 is that it has all the tools to write a good script and not only writing a script but developing a story from start to finish. It helps to organize and categorize the script by characters, locations, properties, costumes, timing etc. It has so many tools and features which can be used to write impressive script.

2.   Celtx:         This is also a free-download software. It can be used both on Window and Apple. This is not as advanced as Final draft 10 however what really good about Celtx is it is more focused on developing characters. It helps organize scenes. It has master catalogue where list can be created of different things in the script like characters, camera, crews, properties etc. It is great way to keep everything organized as a writer and particularly if one is both writer and producer to keep all the information together. In fact Celtx is very simple yet professional standard script writing software with enough tools and features.

3.   Writer Duet:       This is also a free software that can be accessed online. It can be upgraded to pro-version by making payment. No need to download software to computer. It is free and it is straightforward. As soon as webpage is opened it automatically opens a blank page where script can be writer. It helps guide in creating a headline, creating a action scenario, creating characters, and the dialogues. The formatting is very simple. Once script writing is done it can be downloaded straight to computer. It is very easy and can be used online.

4.   Drama Queen:    It is a free software. It needs to be downloaded to computer. Now this is not as advanced as both the Final Draft 10 and Celtx. It is not meant to catalogue things or list. It is just a simple software to write a script to a format. It is downloadable for both Window and Mac. If one is at a learning stage it is a place to start.

5.   PlotBot:     This is an online free website where needs to log in and just get straight into writing script same as WriterDuet. Here does not need to worry about setting up anything in advance. It helps organize the headlines, characters, dialogues, action scenes etc. It also helps add shots. It helps format, highlight and once done script can be downloaded to computer.

So above are some of the best softwares that can be used for writing script. All these help for writing a script to industry standards. There are some other softwares also available which are free and can be downloaded on internet as well as can be bought or upgraded to professional version by making payment. Software is just a medium to write a script in computer. Script writing or screenplay writing is an art as well as skill. Before downloading free script writing software or buying professional version script writing software it is important to read, understand and learn the art of script writing. There are so many books, articles and videos available on internet about good script writing.

by Sudhir Kumar

  Mon, Jun 24, 2019     Administrator India  
Administrator India