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Books Every Filmmaker Must Read

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Books Every Filmmaker Must Read

A filmmaker, director, scriptwriter, or screenplay writer, should read a lot of books of stories, fictions, and novels but specially books pertaining to filmmaking to get different ideas and techniques and use them as references for writing script and screenplay.

There are a few books which some filmmakers have read and follow them a lot while writing “script and screenplay. First book is “Story” by Robert McKee. It is substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting. Second book is “Screenplay” by Syd Field. It is the step-by-step guide from concept to finished scriptwriting and also foundations of screenwriting. Robert McKee and Syd Field are known to be the foundation for scriptwriting and screenplay writing and also their books are renowned to everybody all around the world. Those who want to become a director, scriptwriter or screenplay writer first thing they should do that they should read the above two books of Robert McKee and Syd Field. These two authors give insight about storytelling, basically when we talk about a story these two authors reverse and engineer it and they tell that there is a structure of every story that has been ever told. These authors have their own structure. Syd Field is more of a‑seven‑point‑structure and Robert McKee has a-three-act-structure. They both have a different school of thought and storytelling. It is said that after reading these two authors and understanding them well one can become expert of script and screenplay writing and after that one can break the rules and come up with their own style of writing. So aspiring director or screenwriter as well as those who want to improve their scriptwriting and screenplay writing should definitely go through these books.

Apart from these two books, there is another book called “How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, The Inner Movie Method” by author Viki King. This book is also an ultimate guide for aspiring screenwriter which helps them from the blank page to a complete script. This book guides the would-be director, scriptwriter, or screenwriter through the writing of a movie in a very simple style

There are many other books available in market which are also very good but the above mentioned three books are absolutely must read well known books.

 by Sudhir Kumar

  Sat, Feb 09, 2019     Administrator India  
Administrator India